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Spring Weddings in Beautiful D.C. 
Congratulations on your special day! A special welcome to same-sex couples from North Carolina. All couples are welcome in DC. Laws exist to protect you, and I can help you.
Private love has public consequences. Maryland has passed and the governor has signed a same-sex marriage bill. Welcome to Equality of Law in Maryland and DC. Whether you are a straight, gay, or lesbian couple, I can help you in both states.
As your DC, MD Wedding Officiant, what do I do at your wedding? I am a legal witness and a master of ceremonies, essentially. You and your husband -- wife, partner, spouse -- do the real work. Your vows, spoken, in public are the ethical and graceful moment of marriage: I do, I will. Our social order is stronger for your commitment. The ceremony makes that commitment and social investment public Read More..

I have to say that the wedding was a dream come true!

Ed, you were amazing! Brian and I thank you so very much. Everyone loved the ceremony.

Thank you so much for your service! You are a god-send.

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dc wedding

About Professor Edward Ingebretsen-Doud

Faculty, Georgetown University

Author of five books and numerous articles on American theology, gender studies, and cultural studies

Ordained a Roman Catholic priest in 1982;
since 2000, affiliated with the American Catholic Church
Licensed in DC for all secular and religious services; religious license in all 50 states.

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How I Help You

Welcome to DC! I help you plan your wedding and take all the stress out of it. DC law requires a three-day wait BETWEEN the day of filing a license and the day it is permitted to be used. This means, that if a license is filed on Monday, it is “released” on Friday.

By doing a proxy application for you, I save you the week’s wait in DC. Result? You come to DC at your leisure, and I have your license ready for you.