Love Story: The Greatest Thing We Have Ever Done...


Same-sex weddings in the DC area

Those, whom God brings together, should not suffer from the inequities and sifting foundations of civil laws.  History has shown us however, that minority groups continue to endure the hardships of bigotry by virtue of their skin color, religious choice, or sexual lifestyle.  It is a great relief to witness the tectonic shifts in societal attitudes to same-sex marriage and we are fortunate to live in a region that offers loving couples a chance to publically celebrate and consummate their wedding vows.

Communicate: You are a team.

It is difficult. It just is. Words don’t always come out right. In the midst of the
excitement and drama of a wedding it can be a challenging time for any of us to communicate
effectively. Combined with any bridezilla proclivities, egged on by competitive egos, and
emotions swirling high around you like leaves in a whirlwind and you have all the ingredients for
a perfect storm. Not what you want, of course.

The Cost of Love

The Cost of Love

Wedding Meditations: Part One

The most important words we never know how to say. Our hearts clench, we stutter, lapse into cliché. Yet it is so important to speak: and what we do here, today, is a primary speech,  a beginning to speak, a big speaking: because, probably, you may have felt in the last few months that until this moment of your lives you never knew how to speak, or had nothing to say.

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